How to connect NFS/CIFS?#

CIFS has already enabled encryption and basic authorization by default. The account is the same as the dashboard. E.g., You can connect to the server in Windows by typing \\[your server IP address] on the address bar in explorer.


NFS doesn't have a authorization function or encrypt transfer method. So I recommend to use it in LAN, or use it via OpenVPN. You can install OpenVPN and create a security connection first. When you use OpenVPN, the destination IP address is:

Why my Android / Synology failed to connect with CIFS?#

Encryption and data pack signing is enabled by default in quickbox-lite, which is not compatible with some clients.

You can install with compatibility modebox install cifs --compatibility.


This operation will significantly reduce the data transfer's security. Please avoid using it directly if it is not a LAN environment. You may consider using OpenVPN to encrypt the transmission of this data.