File Browser

How to enable the share link of File Browser?#

To enable share link function, you need to disable Nginx authorization and enable the File Browser authorization service. Here is the manual.

  • Stop File Browser service

    sudo su -
    systemctl stop filebrowser@$username
  • reconfigure filebrowser

    filebrowser -d /home/$username/.config/filebrowser/filebrowser.db config set --address --auth.method=json
  • disable nginx basic auth, commit following line in /etc/nginx/apps/filebrowser.conf

    #auth_basic "Password Required";
    #auth_basic_user_file /etc/htpasswd.d/htpasswd.$remote_user;
  • give your username to Nginx reverse proxy:

    proxy_pass http://$username.filebrowser;
  • restart service

    nginx -s reload
    systemctl start filebrowser@$username